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17 January, 2018
Top Nutritionist Lily Soutter who writes for The Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph and The... Read More
Ride and Raise fundraiser event for Family Action
Company Updates
27 November, 2017
Raising funds following the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower  On Saturday 18th November... Read More
Company Updates
17 July, 2017
Members at the ready as the count down begins… The finishing line is in sight as completion... Read More
nutrition nailed
26 June, 2017
Let’s talk Studio Society’s Nutrition Portal, where Knowledge = Options = Change = Power With... Read More
Press - Camden News
12 June, 2017
Forget everything you know about fitness studios - the revolution is coming. For the team behind... Read More
Company Updates
19 May, 2017
NEW Immersive Group Fitness Studio coming to West Hampstead, July 2017 Located in the Borough of... Read More