Are You Trying to Out-Exercise a Poor Diet?

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Are You Trying to Out-Exercise a Poor Diet?
26 June, 2017

Let’s talk Studio Society’s Nutrition Portal, where Knowledge = Options = Change = Power

With our Fully Immersive Studios in construction, cinematic visuals being tested, live class instructors being recruited and the promo team out spreading the word, today our focus turns to nutrition, and we are proud to introduce Lily Soutter, a valuable addition to Studio Society. Lily is an experienced Nutritional Therapist who seeks to help individuals achieve optimum health with an evidence-based and practical approach, giving you the chance to achieve long term, sustainable results.

You may have heard of the expression ‘Knowledge is Power’, but if we break this down further we hope you will view it as a goal setting framework for the changes you wish to make: ‘Knowledge = Options = Change = Power’. Food should be a source of enjoyment as well as essential nourishment for the body, and we believe this shouldn't change whilst embarking on any physical transformation or when starting and or participating in fitness, unfortunately for many of us it becomes more of a battle than a positive change. The internet is overflowing with advice but almost to the point of being overwhelming, you have a quick look to find out the best recovery foods to eat after a training session for example and before long you’re reading about beetroot and cardamom smoothies or whether chocolate is good or bad for you, low-carb high-protein diets, Paleo, juice fasting, vegan, the 5:2 diet, the list and options really are endless and after all that you decide to stick to what you know. Could this therefore actually be because of a lack of comprehensive knowledge? A way to take this knowledge and apply it to your lifestyle?

Studio Society is providing an option to tackle this, a one stop Nutrition Portal to help you on your journey, giving you a real understanding of how food works with your own unique body and acknowledging that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. By giving you a clear foundation and knowledge base of food and nutrition, you give yourself more options, the ability to make better decisions and therefore find a clearer path towards the changes you wish to make. This can only result in the feeling of power and self-achievement, along with a powerful motivation to continue this path.

Whether you want to optimise your body composition, build lean muscle, lose or gain weight, increase your energy levels, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, improve digestion or a combination of these, Studio Society’s immersive group exercise classes along with Lily Soutter’s nutritional guidance could provide the complete structure, support and solution.

Lily’s has an extensive and diverse background as a nutrition therapist and is passionate about food, health, and wellness. Her experience and expertise have received recognition and her work covers a wide variety of sources, frequently writing articles for national newspapers and health magazines, appearing on TV interviews and is an active member of BANT the professional regulating body for Nutritional Therapy, her goal is coherent with that of Studio Society’s: to help you become the healthiest and happiest version of you, and hopefully enjoy the process too.

With simple changes, great things can be achieved and to get you started, Studio Society’s pre-sale offer : Monthly Membership+ gives access to a Nutrition Portal with Lily Sutter’s nutritional advice, guidance, and diet plans. This is on top of your Unlimited Live Immersive  and Fully Immersive classes, Fitness Programming, Gamification and Performance & Health Tracking. Available for a limited time, this offer is only £21/month with no additional joining fee or long fixed term contract.

Discover a healthier lifestyle and a more active, vibrant you, by supporting your body inside and out at Studio Society. Opening in West Hampstead in July 2017.

For further information on Lily Soutter please check out her instagram on :Lily_soutter_nutrition or Twitter @lilysoutter