Invoking every sense: from construction to creation - Part 2

Invoking every sense: from construction to creation - Part 2
17 July, 2017

Members at the ready as the count down begins…

The finishing line is in sight as completion edges ever closer for Studio Society! We see 37 Fortune Green Road near the end of its 8-week build where this 8000sqft empty space has been transformed into state of the art group exercise studios. As the physical build draws to a close, the technicians are now taking control with the installation of multiple projectors, creating a floor to ceiling cinematic visual experience like you’ve never seen or experienced in fitness before.

west hampstead studio almost ready  west hampstead studio almost ready 

As you enter through the newly installed glass gates (complete with fingerprint recognition entry), the interior of the building is eye catching and stylish; from the striking clean lines and decor of black, white and purple, to the shabby chic lighting hanging above you.  Leather seating is fitted to the foot of each 4 metre+ high window; running parallel to studio one and visible from the park, it is a perfect place to relax and refresh. The huge windows towering over the relax and refresh zone allow the area to be flooded with light, bringing in a glowing serenity, so whether you’re waiting for your class to begin or selecting a nutritious snack from vending you can be assured that your equilibrium is being re-centred and re-charged.

The changing rooms are almost complete with both wet and dry changing areas. They’ve been tiled, painted and await the final touches to arrive; this includes GHD hairdryers and Hollywood style vanity mirrors, ensuring every part of your visit to Studio Society is remarkable and sets your mind and body up to re-enter the world.

The newest sensory and technological arrivals to the club really are the bits that are going to take this club to new heights as we welcome this immersive fitness revolution. First is our delivery of the latest Keiser Mi3 bikes, as the industries leading indoor cycle, these bikes really have been designed with you, the rider in mind. Whether you want to enter a race as you see your avatar on screen immersed in breath taking scenery speeding past you in Spiivi, or let the beats of the music run through your veins as you ‘party-on-a-bike’ in Vibe.  These bikes complete with performance tracking and an improved level of comfort to suit riders with all body shapes and sizes. In case you need a little something extra, our spin studio is currently being fitted with reactive LED lighting, so your sensory motivation is not coming from 4 separate dimension’s, we are combining it to enhance every beat, every pedal. Making every move count.

Second up is sound, each studio and not to mention the changing rooms are being fitted with multiple Bose speakers to ensure that your workouts can be powered up to the max with surround sound. Music plays a huge role in our everyday lives both consciously and subliminally and when it comes to motivation, this element cannot take a back seat. You may have noticed that before you even realise your tapping your foot, feel your emotions start to change, or notice an increase in your heart rate; it’s music that is working its magic on you. Music has the ability to affect your body before it affects your mind; as our heart rate and breathing increases the biochemical reactions taking place merge with the music and the outcome – exhilaration, motivation and the undeniable urge to move and power ourselves even harder. Therefore Bose, we welcome you to Studio Society with open arms!

Thirdly, is the arrival of our class equipment with Les Mills Smart Tech. Have you ever taken a Pump class or been using barbells at the gym and thought about the amount of time it takes to unclip, remove plates and re-clip your weights, well that wasted time is a thing of the past, our Smart Tech equipment by Les Mills means a faster plate transition (NO CLIPS!) and this ergonomic design means that plates are now able to be used as dumbbells as well. Ensuring you can get better results, in a shorter time. Keeping your increased muscle activation maximised for longer, and burning calories faster.

The sheer size and finish from the moment you walk through the door is stunning to say the least and it is now clear that the focus of these studios has had the members experience at heart and we cannot wait to welcome you to the club.


The countdown really has begun.